School of Motion C4d Basecamp

These are the products of my work going through the lessons in the School of Motion C4D Basecamp. Beginning with no experience in 3D.

Lesson 0 "Orientation Week"

This first lesson asked us to create a ramen shop and then create our favorite place in the world using basic shapes.


For some reason I had thought it would be funny and unique to make my bathroom my favorite place! Very silly. However, I do question where would we be without a good porcelain throne?

Lesson 1 "May We Model"

The emphasis on this lesson was to learn the basics in creating 3d Models. We had to build an old school SNES cartridge, and then model a VHS tape.


Using a spline path and extrusion we were asked to make the tape rolling out of the VHS and writing a phrase of our choosing.

Lesson 2 "A Light Touch"

This was an introduction to 3d lighting with the goal to create 4 different moods.

What was interesting to me that a light can be any object and does not necessarily have to be an actual light. In 3D, you can bend the rules of the world, a 3D plane or cube can be illuminated, while the shape of a tree can glow and be hidden from the camera.

Lesson 3 "Make It Shine"

The models were supplied and our goal was to focus on Texturing and lighting.


I went a step past what was asked of us, by playing with Metaballs and wind effectors and simulated soda splashing out of the can.

Diabetes "Dietbetes" Soda

Lesson 4 "It's A Trap"

Models supplied. This lesson asked us to animate the "A Rube Goldberg Machine" or "Mouse Trap game" but in this case we feature Qbert; an unfamiliar video game character to me since the game was released in 1982, just a tad bit before I was born!